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Board/String Art Workshops (Postponed until further notice)

Everyone is Welcome!

Cost: Varies depending on board used ($30-60/person + Tax)

Come join us at our workshop and create your very own masterpiece! You may choose to do board art, string art, or a combination of both! For inspiration/images, we suggest going online to search for ideas(board art/string art). Send us a picture via email of what you would like to do with additional details(ex. board style and size; board art/string art/combination of both). If you want something custom, please send an email with example picture and the details of what is "custom". Our website,, has all the information of what you need to do under our board/string art workshops page. You will receive all the supplies you need to complete your project (boards, stencils and paint)! Plus tons of paint colors to choose from.

The images and details of what you would like to do must be emailed to us at least 3 days prior to the workshop to give us enough time to put together you project. 

Our email is

Details needed for project sent via email:

-Your name

-Example picture attached of what you would like to do

-Board Style with dimensions/# of planks (ex. Bark frame; Solid Pine Board; Plank board)

-Stagger or no stagger (Plank boards only)

-Stain color (if applicable)

-Whether it is string art only; board art only; or both

*You may BYOB to this workshop! Must be 21+ years of age to drink. We will be checking ID's.

*Seating is limited. Pre-register ahead of time by phone or stop into the studio to reserve your spot! Must pre-register 5 days prior to workshop. If you pre-register, you must give a 48 hour notice to cancel to receive money back. If you cancel within 48 hour notice, you will receive a GMAS credit towards another board/string art event night.

*Pre-registration requires a $15 (plus tax) deposit to reserve spot. That deposit will go towards your board and supplies the night of the workshop. You pay the remaining amount at the night of the workshop.

Bark Frame Board

Cost: $30/board + Tax


10"W x 11"L


Natural (use of acrylic paint)

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